Does your child need a Tutor? Are you a High School Junior or Senior who still needs to satisfy Community-Service Hours for Graduation? Well we have a program just for you! Our SYT program allows H.S. Juniors & Seniors to obtain community-service hours by tutoring other D.C. students in grades 2-10. ALL H.S. Tutors and students must submit an unofficial copy of their most recent Report Card/Progress Report. If you would like to register for our SYT Program, Please fill out the form below.


Our Financial Literacy Classes are open to all members! We have 4 different start dates! (Dates TBD) Topics that will be covered include: Checking, Saving, Types of Credit, How to Budget, Paying for School, Investing, Financial Pitfalls, and Understanding Your Credit Score. To register for our Financial Literacy Class, please fill out the form below.


Are you between the ages of 15-24 who has been in trouble with the law? Have you been ordered community-service hours from a Judge for a NON-VIOLENT CRIME? Well our Gateway Volunteer Program is just for you! GIVE A CHILD A HUG, INC. has set aside a number of staff support positions that we intend to fill using our members who hold Volunteer Memberships. If you would like to register for our Gateway Program, please fill out the form below.


Are you a D.C. Student who has an opinion on today's issues that our youth face? Do you have a voice but feel like nobody is listening? Have you ever wanted a social media platform to express your feelings on today's issues? Well Our Teen Talk Podcast is just for you! Teen Talk in D.C. will take place once a month. All Episodes will be published on all of our social media outlets and website. Each panelist will receive a personal copy of their episode. Teen Talk Panel will consist of H. S. Students in grades 9-12 Teen Talk Panel will change every month so EVERYONE has his or her chance to express their feelings! All students on the Teen Talk Panel MUST have a Student membership To register to be a panelist, please fill out the form below.


Do you need help filling out the FAFSA form for college? Look no further! Schedule a 1 on 1 FAFSA support session with one of our staff members. Most recent Tax Return is required. If you would like to register for our FAFSA Support, Please fill out the form below.